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Hi, I’m Sam Bentall – if you’re interested in finding out more about me and my work – read the interview below and book a time to talk!

How long have you been doing what you do and how did you get to be a health coach?

When I was younger, I worked in the media, mainly as a BBC local radio presenter. My work was very sedentary and like many people, I drove to work, sat down in the office or studio all day and drove home again, only to sit in front the TV in the evenings. I never exercised and I was confused about the sort of food I should be eating.

Although on the surface, my life seemed successful, inside I was unhappy. I spent most of my 20s and 30s on a diet. I lost weight and put it all back on over and over again. I went through periods of not eating and periods of over-eating until I was so mixed up, I didn’t know what I should be eating. I felt as though I hated my body and I was at war with it.

It wasn’t until I was in my 40s that I began to find my way. I took up running, became interested in nutrition and finally lost the extra weight. The more I learned, the more I felt I wanted to share my new passion for health and fitness with other people. I know that there are so many people who are so unhappy about their body shape, people whose relationship with food has become so confused that they no longer know what or when they should be eating. That was when I decided to train as a health coach so that I could help other people to learn the things that I had learned.

Who are your clients exactly?

My clients tend to be in their 40s and 50s. They are people with busy lives who work hard in their professional life and often have family commitments in the evenings and at weekends. They feel as though they don’t have time to exercise or cook meals from scratch, so they often find themselves eating quick-to-cook food from their freezer or ordering a take-away. They like to eat out sometimes and they enjoy their food. They have tried to diet and have often had success with their weight loss in the past, but when the diet finished, they gradually put the weight back on. As a result of the extra weight they often have health issues such as Type 2 Diabetes.

What is the difference between a health coach and a personal trainer?

A personal trainer works with a client to devise a fitness regime which will help the client to lose body fat and build muscle. A healthy diet is also necessary for any work with a personal trainer to be effective. As a health coach, I see my clients for weekly online coaching sessions. I help people to develop long term habit change so that they adopt a healthier lifestyle. I work with them to find a form of exercise that they enjoy, to eat food that benefits their health and to manage their stress, which is often a cause of weight gain and poor digestion. Incidentally, I am also qualified Level 3 Personal Trainer.

What type of personality do you work best with and what is expected of me?

I work best with open-minded people who are coachable. People who are willing to try something new and learn to think in different ways. My programme is not a diet, it’s a complete lifestyle change. You will have to be willing to change your thinking around food and health. In our society there are many things that we have grown up believing about food and health that are simply not true. You will have to be ready to let go of some cherished beliefs about food and health.

Is there anyone that this programme does not work for?

Please know I’m very selective about who I work with and I cherry-pick my clients, choosing to (gently) turn away people who aren’t suited for my programme and won’t get the results for which they would have signed up for. (It wouldn’t be fair to them.)

The 90-Day Health Transformation programme is not for people who cannot commit to making changes. You don’t have to be perfect; we all slip up sometimes, but you do have to be committed to trying your very best.

What exactly is the 90 Day Health Transformation Programme?

With so much conflicting information appearing in the media every day, most people don’t know what they should be doing to lose weight and regain their health. The 90 Day Health Transformation Programme gives you scientifically proven advice to change your diet and lifestyle into the healthiest possible. This programme does not include pills, potions or supplements. It’s about eating real food, that you will enjoy and incidentally, you will never go hungry.

Does this really work?

Yes! The result of our work is an approach to regaining your health that, over time and with your dedication, works consistently. (See Client Testimonials).

What results can I expect?

1. Learn why stress causes your body to hold on to extra weight.
2. Discover the causes of cravings and how to control them.
3. Find out how to stop emotional eating – forever.
4. Find out which foods give you energy and which take your energy away.
5. Learn to cook new recipes.
6. Start to enjoy exercise.
7. Gain confidence.

Can I contact some of your former clients to see what it’s like to work with you?

Yes, I encourage you to. Please go to the Client Testimonials page and read all of them. If you would like to talk to some of my previous clients in person, I can also arrange for you to do so.

How quickly can I expect results?

I think we all know by now that traditional diets don’t work. You might lose the weight initially, but almost everybody put it all back on eventually. This programme is a lifestyle change. It’s not a quick fix. But if you follow the guidelines and carry out the action steps you will see results by the end of the 90 days.

Sam, based on everything I’ve read and heard about you, I know you’re the one I want to learn from. What are my options for getting started with you?

Congratulations on making a decision for success! I’m happy to work with you to achieve your health goals.

I offer three-month, six-month and twelve-month programmes depending on what you want to achieve. I also offer a maintenance programme which clients qualify for once they have completed one of the other programmes.

How do I get started?

Great! All you have to do is click on the link below to book a Free One Hour Discovery Call with me so that we can get to know each other and make absolutely certain that we want to work together.

I’m not sure I’m ready to get started, how can I sample your work at a low cost to see if it’s the right solution for me?

Why not subscribe to my weekly email newsletter which provides you with proven tips and the latest tools and powerful techniques to help you to improve your health. I also run Wellness Weeks online at a low cost and you will hear about these through the newsletter.

I’m ready to do this but I have a couple of additional questions. Can I call you?

Yes, you can book a call with me by clicking on the link below and scheduling a call in my calendar. I’ll be happy to chat to you.


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