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Taking an ice bath or cold shower doesn’t have the same glorious joyfulness as outdoor swimming but it can offer some wonderful benefits for your physical and mental health. This is because cold showers are a small stressor on the body which leads to a process called “hardening” making you more resilient.

Cold showers have been proven to:

· Reduce stress levels.

· Help you to feel more alert.

· Improve the immune response.

· Improve mindset and increase willpower.

· Help you to lose weight.

If you think you’d struggle to tolerate a cold shower here are some techniques to ease yourself in gently.

· Take a shower at your normal temperature first.

· Make your mind up that you are going to try a cold shower. There is always resistance, but you have to learn to get over it. It’s part of the process.

· Take three deep breaths and focus on the exhale. Make the exhale longer than the inhale. Blow the breath out as though you are blowing out a candle.

· Turn the water temperature down (halfway is fine at first).

· Put your arms under the water, rubbing them constantly.

· Repeat with your legs.

· Try to get your body under – if it takes your breath away at first, that’s ok.

· Try to relax by taking some deep breaths.

· Try singing. I find it helps.

· You only need to stay in for 30 seconds at first. Build up to a few minutes… you’ll soon find you start to enjoy it.

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