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Client Testimonials

Sam expertly counselled me to identify what I really wanted from my life. She helped me realise it’s a lot easier to move forward and harder to be blown off course if you know where you want to be and helped me to set goals and create an image of the person I would ideally like to be.
Wendy Williams

Rosie Diver

Digital Coach

Working with Sam has lead to a significant change in diet and lifestyle leading to weight loss and, more importantly, an overwhelming feeling of wellbeing. When people ask me how I am, “Well” doesn’t seem enough, so I say “Bouncing!”.

I asked Sam to come and work with us because me and my hubby were aware we needed to lose weight and improve our general overall health. We also didn’t want to go on a traditional diet where we tried to survive on a lettuce leaf. We knew that a traditional diet wouldn’t lead to lasting weight loss. Working with Sam has changed our whole attitude to food and exercise, and through her mentoring sessions, Sam keeps us on track, and reminds us of our goals and tells us interesting foodie facts that support our change in lifestyle. She is a mine of information and has recommended several books, articles and videos – all of which have been fascinating and are re-educating us about food.

As a consequence of working with Sam we have lost weight, increased our exercise and eat consciously. Our taste buds have changed significantly – we love the variety of tastes and textures of a mostly plant-based diet. We eat almost no artificial sugars and find sweet desserts inedible. We both feel well. My hubby’s IBS is considerably better than it was, and under control.

We truly believe, as we have changed our food lifestyle, that we will continue to lose weight  rather than see it come back on.

Patricia M Butters


I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Samantha Bentall, the benefits have been remarkable.
The regularly arranged sessions have kept me focused and drew my attention to what was lacking in my life to promote my health.
For example, walking, which has given me not only fresh air but a fresh outlook on life and inspiration as an artist.
Information on nutrition and ways of beating the cravings for snacks and sugary goodies were a great help.
This all gave me confidence in myself and my work, it was almost like a wake-up call.

Before I began working with Samantha I was at a really low ebb, lacking self esteem, energy and my self confidence was slowly disappearing . I began thinking this was due to getting older and I accepted the way I felt. But now, my confidence is back. I am more positive and the walking has not only improved my health it has given me a fresh outlook on life. Walking by the sea has given me fresh inspiration as an artist and rekindled my love of the beauty around us. It has been so uplifting.

Thank you Samantha.

Alex Welford

Director – The Music Development

“At 38, with a metabolic age of 53, a drinker and smoker, it was time for change. When Sam offered her service I jumped at the opportunity. Within the first 4 weeks I had lost a stone, quite drinking and smoking and completely changed my diet. I’ve tried dieting in the past but never been able to keep the weight off until now. The biggest inspiration is from the insight of the knowledge about food and very recent science, recognition of habitual behaviour and positive visualization have helped me to start to achieve my goals. I would wholeheartedly recommend Sam to anyone is ready to make a lifelong commitment to change.”

Wendy Williams

Taxi Driver

I’m a 53 year old, 5 year breast cancer survivor and before I started the programme with Sam I was stranded in an aimless aftermath of anxiety, after/side effects of treatment and fatigue. I felt rubbish. I’d had stalled attempts at losing weight and getting fitter, but somehow had taken a step back. My life was stuck and I was despairing and thought I could never move on.

Sam expertly counselled me to identify what I really wanted from my life. She helped me realise it’s a lot easier to move forward and harder to be blown off course if you know where you want to be and helped me to set goals and create an image of the person I would ideally like to be. Guided visualisation is one of the tools that Sam used to help me to create this strong vision for my healthiest and happiest self and for the life I would like to lead. And mental rehearsal helps to reinforce and strengthen it. These are powerful tools that have helped me overcome my anxiety and improve my self confidence and belief that I can be successful. Indeed, I found the confidence to enroll on a scriptwriting course and, while I am finding it challenging, I progress where previously I would almost certainly have been overwhelmed and given up.

I feel healthier and have started to lose weight as a result of the program. Not because it’s a diet, but because of Sam’s guidance, education and information about the value of good nutrition and the negative effects of eating food poor in nutrition. She shares really interesting articles and delicious recipes that are often relevant to something we’ve discussed in our last session. The changes I have made have been via small steps becoming new habits. It’s about making positive choices, setting goals to move more and finding ways that fit with me to achieve that.

Sam really listens and is adept at identifying where I’m stuck and suggesting action steps I can take to move forward and overcome any obstacles and challenges that are holding me back. She strongly advocates an inquisitive approach, where previously I would have been self-critical and judgemental. This is very liberating! Every day is a new start, there is no such thing as failure. If an action step doesn’t work, we look for any lessons to be learned from that and find something else to try instead. Along with the powerful visualisation techniques, positive choices and micro habits, I am making great strides towards a healthier, happier, fitter and more confident self – one that I could have never thought possible.

Thank you so much Sam!


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I believe that we all know what we should be doing to get the very best from our lives and yet so often we don’t do it. Sometimes we all need help to get us on the right track. From the very first coaching session you will see and feel a difference.  We’ll find out what you want to achieve, whether that’s weight loss, increased energy, getting out of a rut or achieving a long cherished ambition – we’ll start working together to get you focussed. I can help you make healthy food choices, find the motivation to exercise and start to look and feel your very best. Drop me a line or give me a call (my number’s at the top of the page!) and we can arrange an hour’s free 1 to 1 coaching session. There’s no obligation – really – you’ve got nothing to lose!

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