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During lock-down, I’ve had a few panicky moments when we’ve got perilously close to running out of milk for our morning coffee. I’ve tried drinking black coffee, but for me, it’s just not the same. I need my fix of coffee with milk every morning or the day just doesn’t feel right.

Since changing to a plant based diet, my milk of choice is soya, with oat coming a close second. Everybody has switched to soya in our house whether they are vegan or not, and I am very pleased that we no longer have any dairy milk in the house at all.

Under normal circumstances, I might just pop to the shop, but as I’m trying to limit myself to one visit to the supermarket per week, I really don’t want to go for just one item.

Luckily, I’ve discovered that you can make delicious, creamy, frothy coffee with cashew nuts! Here’s how…


Step By Step Instructions


There really is nothing to this. I suppose you can make the coffee other ways, such as by using a Bialetti, but I’ve always preferred a cafetiere. For a single cup of coffee, weigh out 35g of cashew nuts and add them to the hot coffee in the blender and that’s all there is to it!


I don’t usually put hot liquids into my Nutribullet but I decided to give it a go this time. It was all fine except that the lid had tightened up after blending and was quite tough to remove. Other than that, everything was fine.

The coffee came out so frothy – it was like a cappuccino! I don’t normally take sugar in my coffee but I thought it was nicer with a teaspoon of agave syrup and a swirl of cinnamon on top. You can really experiment with this though. Try some vanilla essence or some nutmeg on top. If you like coffee syrups, then you could try adding those.

I was going to make it again and take some different pictures, but to be honest, it’s so filling, I couldn’t drink another cup! I found this recipe in quite a few different places on the internet but I think the original comes from one of my favourite food blogs called Pinch of Yum