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The Big Breakfast Controversy

Who would have thought that there could be so many different opinions about what we should all be eating first thing in the morning?

Some say breakfast is the most important meal of the day, whilst others can’t stand the thought of a big meal first thing. What’s for sure, is that the days of treating yourself to a fry up at your local greasy spoon are long gone. Anyone who knows anything about healthy eating knows that fried bacon and sausages are not the way to go, let alone the grease-fest of a fried egg and fried bread. But that doesn’t mean to say, you can’t eat a hot, satisfying brunch every now and again without wrecking your health.

If you’re cooking at home then it’s not so difficult. For a healthy English breakfast try substituting scrambled tofu for scrambled eggs. You can add in all sorts of tantalising spices and extra veggies such as pepper and fresh spinach. Serve it up with portobello mushrooms, a large tomato cooked in a little boiling water or some tinned tomatoes are fine, baked beans and wholemeal toast.

My family won’t hear of a breakfast that doesn’t have sausages, and whilst I’m not a big fan of meat replacements most of the time, I’ll make an exception for a cooked breakfast. Even the meat eaters of the household approve of Linda McCartney’s veggie sausages and the Bird’s Eye Green Cuisine vegan sausages are great too.

One of the biggest breakfast challenges happens when you’re travelling. On holiday or on business it can be tricky to find a breakfast that isn’t swimming in fat or coated in sugar. My advice to clients is to always ask for a healthier option. Hotel and B&B owners will only know that consumer tastes are changing if the consumer actually tells them.

I was recently asked to advise a B&B owner in Liverpool about offering her clients a healthy vegan/vegetarian breakfast option. She’s a lovely lady called Julie Rice, who owns Breeze Guest House in Bootle. I took a look around while I was there and I would highly recommend her guest house if you’re staying in Liverpool anytime soon. Her cooked breakfast is legendary, and I’m pleased to say, she now also offers a delicious healthy vegan/veggie version too.

So the good news is, if you’re a health conscious fan of the good old British Brunch, you can still enjoy a very similar culinary experience without piling on the pounds! Join in the breakfast conversation in our Facebook Group and tell us what you think!