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London Marathon – Why I Ran for Dementia Revolution

I can hardly believe that two weeks have gone by since the London Marathon. After all that preparation, anticipation, excitement (and a touch of dread) the big day had been and gone and is now just a happy memory.

This year I ran for Dementia Revolution who were the official charity for the Virgin Money London Marathon. I chose to run for them because my lovely mum had dementia towards the end of her life and it was so sad to see her suffer in that way.

If you’ve had any experience with this terrible disease you’ll understand. The person you love disappears before your eyes and you grieve slowly as day by day another piece of them is stolen away.

My mum was warm and kind but her illness made her mean spirited. So much so, that when I did a Skydive to raise money for the Alzheimer’s Society, she refused to sponsor me.

“Don’t you want to help raise funds to find a cure?” I asked her.

“Why should I?” she replied. “I don’t know anyone who’s got it.”

Honestly, I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.